Referring back to ancient Vedas in India, Sanskrit originated word ‘Tvam’ means ‘You’.

Often, we get so entangled in the worldly pleasures, the superficial living and an era full of endless choices, running errands, meeting deadlines and also pleasing everyone around but our own selves.

‘Tvam’ is a gentle reminder that you own a universe within yourself and it needs timely every day nourishment. A compassionate heart that allows you to continue  feeling soft towards your own self. Loving yourself abundantly with every passing day makes you beautiful inside out.

The word ‘Asav’ means ‘Essence’. It simply signifies that you savor your own essence, be in alignment with your own true nature.

And lastly, the word ‘Ila’ means ‘Earth’. They say every plant and every creature on this planet comes along with its own unique benefits and breathes a purpose. Stay grounded and close to Earth, find that which nourishes every inch of your body, mind and soul.

Indulging and accepting ‘self’ in our daily lives is the purest act of kindness. Gracefully embracing the flawed self, those little imperfections, blemishes and deep scars is a solid conquer within itself.

Significantly, the use of cosmetics for Skin (Tvacha) is not just directed for outward beauty (Soundarya), though it’s become effortless along with having achieved merits like Good health (Arogya) and most importantly Happiness (Ananda).

As commonly quoted “Everything that goes on the inside shows on the outside.”

Tvam.Asav.Ila – came into its existence on its own. Nature gave birth to it, it grew further amidst the chaos. The beauty of it lies in its very own scars.

Aashanaa brought up this line of DIY organic skincare products which are not only homemade but also in it’s most raw form, well-crafted suiting every individual’s needs.

“A handmade movement that is tender yet revolutionary in nature.”

To find out more, write to me at info@tvamasavila.com