Svayam Karoti - DIY

Sea Salt & it’s benefits.

Sea Salt refered to as ‘Jalarasa’ in Sanskrit (that which emerges from the water).

Sea salt has always been traditionally used in many cultures for it’s cleansing properties. In ancient days, sea salt was believed to take away negative energy from the aura and also from the vaastu (place). Grandmothers in India would have a fist full of sea salt, they would start at the top of the head and continue down towards the legs without touching the body and then dissolve it in water. It is still a common practice in many homes to ensure a healthy positive spirit.

Sea salt is edible too, when used in moderation also aids digestion and it is beneficial for the heart.

Sea salt has been largely used in the skincare and cosmetic industry. It is an excellent exfoliator to slough off that dead skin and also soften the tough areas of skin. It is one if the main ingredients in high-end spa treatments too. Bath salts, salt scrubs, sea salt water based mists, handmade soaps and many more make use of the sea salt. It is a delightful substance that eliminates all the toxins from the body and invigorates your senses.

Sea salt which are naturally loaded with tons of minerals have soothing and healing properties for the dry, inflammed and itchy skin. Often, soaking your feet in a warm water bucket with sea salt not only takes the fatigue and relives the aching muscles and joints but also it has been said to be antiseptic and antibacterial. Be sure, you will have clean heels further soothing the cracked heels.

Sharing a quick DIY Bath Salt Recipe:

1/2 Cup Sea salt

1/2 cup Powdered Oats

1/4 cup Milk Powder (Goats milk powder-Optional)

Few drops of your favorite essential oil (I prefer Rose, Lavender and Sandalwood)

Immerse in the warm water bath and your skin will feel the soothing effect and regain that lacking moisture.

Tip:Always keep a bottle of water and hydrate yourself when using the detox bath salts.





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