Svayam Karoti - DIY

Papaya & Almond Nourishing Body Scrub.


1/2 cup of Fresh Papaya pulp

1/4 cup of Garbanzo flour (Chickpea flour/Besan atta)

2 tbs of blanched almond powder

1 tbs of milk (coconut milk can be used too)

1 tsp Honey

Mix all ingredients and use it instantly in your bath.

Papaya is known for its anti-inflammatory properties since it is packed with Vitamin C and it works best to fight against back and chest pimples. Almond meal plays perfect to get rid of all the dirt and grim.  And, the besan (chickpea flour) used was one of the oldest grandma ingredients in before bath rituals. The milk and honey combination takes away the dryness and roughness caused in all the varying seasons. Papaya works miraculously for all skin types. This is one of the soothing recipes.




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